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Treklyngen Location

Hønefoss, Ringerike DMS 60o12.1’N 10o14.3’E

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Zoning Plan Follum

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Zoning Plan Treklyngen

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Zoning Map Treklyngen

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Treklyngen is an industrial estate outside Hønefoss and Oslo, on the site of a former paper mill. After the closure of the paper mill in 2012, the current owner, Viken Skog SA, has invested in the clearing and clean-up of the industrial areas. The core infrastructure and several buildings have been refurbished in order to facilitate new industrial processes, primarily based on forest and wood based feedstock.

Treklyngen industrial park offers a unique location “in the middle of the forest” secures the availability of wood at competitive cost (0 – 25 % reduced feedstock cost). The brown field infrastructure makes it an attractive and competitive location for new industry due to lower capex needs (10 – 50 % reduced CAPEX). The Treklyngen site offers power, heat, steam, storage space, office space, rail tracks for large scale industrial applications.

The management team at Treklyngen facilitates a balanced portfolio of production facilities ensuring that synergies between plants are maintained. Particularly finding solutions where bi-products and residues from one plant can become feedstock for its neighbor. Treklyngen initiates project and offers project development, project management, procurement and logistics solutions. Our local knowledge and industrial experience secures efficient project execution for our partners.

Currently, Treklyngen has the following projects at various stages of development:

Billerud - Viken Skog BCTMP wood pulp plant. Early stages of consecpt development as of Q1 2022.

Biojet (partly owned by ExxonMobil) is planning a full scale biofuel plant. Early stages of consecpt development as of Q1 2022.

Vow Green Metals ASA constructing a bio carbon plant through 2022. 



Dr. Rolf Jarle Aaberg
CEO - Treklyngen Industripark AS

Mobile: +47 977 08 138
Switchboard: +47 32 10 30 00


Visit address
Årbogveien 100,
N-3515 Hønefoss


Sjur Reneflot
Head of operations - Treklyngen Industripark AS

Mobile: +47 419 25 029
Switchboard: +47 32 10 30 00


Visit address
Årbogveien 100,
N-3515 Hønefoss

Media Contact:

Egil Granum
Communication Advicer - Viken Skog SA

Mobile: +47 470 59 421
Switchboard: +47 32 10 30 00


Visit adress
Hvervenmoveien 47

N-3511 Hønefoss